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The Seven Nights Star of Hope: Jiraachi

"The Wish of a Week Old Star"

The plot of this movie is based, once more, on the "legendary" aspects of Pokémon. This legend takes place every one thousand years. In this time frame of seven days, within that time period, a comet can be seen. During the seven day time frame, Satoshi, Takeshi, Haruka, and her little brother, Masato, are journeying through the Houen Region. They come across a Pokémon Theme Park, and see magicians there. A voice of a Pokémon, from inside a cacoon, can be heard--only by Masato.

Jiraachi is suspected to be residing in this cacoon, only because it is the featured Pokémon character in the movie. Timeless Pokémon legends prove that this movie may truely make Pokémon "Advanced". (But, this is only my personal opinion.)

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